day 6: time/money

US AIRWAYS dipped their sticky fingers into our finances this weekend. With boomer’s poor tummy under bacterial siege, Aby stayed behind to rally the pup’s defenses but I continued as planned to witness the marriage between Danielle and JP.

Per US AIRWAYS’ policy, the cancelled passenger accrues a $150 change fee.

I woke early this morning and arrived at the airport in time to catch the flight preceding my own. Considering over-booking’s prevalence, I believed I would be happily welcomed on the standby list for the earlier flight.  Instead, $75 for an early arrival.  But such is business: profit driven.

I fall into a habit of associating time with money.  The $75 early arrival bought me two more hours at home.  It is a price I can recoup with one hour of tutoring, two and a half hours of engineering, or eight hours of scribing.  Aside from tutoring, I accrue a net loss.  But my heart urged me to pay up and I saw Aby’s beautiful face at the airport with a full day ahead of us.

It was the best decision I could have made.  We drove to North Side where we both sipped “grown-up” coffee, then a stop to Whole Foods before heading home to greet the boom.  The pup and I napped, two spoons, while Aby cooked for the week.  Then I flipped pancakes while Aby tore down the Christmas tree, bidding farewell to the season until next year.  It was a wonderful day; thanks be to God.


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