day 3: light

light: Christmas tree, cool blue
light: 65 pounds
light: h*nu, looks like honu (turtle), Hawaii, sunshine on the water
light: soul, God, etc.
light: coffee machine
light: let there be


Yesterday Aby asked for the date of the twelfth day of Christmas.  I debated saying “the 7th” to prolong the twinkling lights and the evergreen scent, but thought better of the truth upon yesterday’s reflection.  Besides, only a fool would delay an Epiphany.

Lifting heavy weights offers me two joys:

  1. The reliability of a great resistence, the profound pause of spirit when pressed to the floor, the comfort of strain, an undeviated focus on a singular objective
  2. The incredible lightness (of being) in between the second and the third pull

Last night, a weight which was once heavy was light.  The workout was 12 minutes of 8 squats at #65, 12 toes-to-bar, and 20 double-unders.  I have far to go before I reach my goals of 2013, for toes-to-bar were knees-to-parallel and double-unders were repeated thrashings, but #65 felt light.  It used to be so very heavy. My heart is glad.

For so long, light to me was hn. I found those little packages of energy so delightful, so mysterious. Planck was bright — like the light he explained.  But when I was drafting my thoughts this morning (see above) I was unsure how to code n and wrote “nu” in its place, automatically adding the asterik in front for clarity.  Looking at what I’d written, “h*nu”, I saw “honu.”  I was reminded of my home in Hawaii: the waves, the sand, the honu both alive and hyroglyphed.  I am so blessed to have welcomed the sun from atop my surfboard, to have played among the diamonds created when the sunlight danced atop the waves.  Now I have my own honu who is sunshine on my face, a glow in my heart. 

God brought us together, Aby-who-reminds-me-of-a-turtle and me.  He brings light to the world, He brings light to my life.  He is love. Deus Caritas Est.

I was a big lump of grog this morning when the alarm called.  I forgot to bring my jar home to refill my coffee, so I only saw the “brew” light once today.  Mornings are battles lately.  I often feel I am on the losing side.  Sleep, where are you?

Up above, flowers from Aby rejoicing in the light.  It is the light that God created when He said “Let there be.”


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