day 0: ruminations

Heretofore ruminations shall be given to God.

Comprehension shall be devoted to ideas and mechanisms, not behaviours.

Introspection shall be singly purposed for improvement, not beratement.

Problem-solving shall be reserved for solvable problems.

Goals shall be stated explicitly and pursued tirelessly.

0 is a number which prompts reflection. It is furthermore a number which anticipates action. Here it is ordinal: a nod to circularity with a definitive gaze forward.

The physical manifestation of that forward gaze is key to perfecting my cleans, jerks, and snatches. I pull and I look up; I pull and I look down; I pull and close my eyes. Today’s goal: look forward with open eyes.

Drills: hamstring mobility, active shoulder hang, three essay questions, list of measureable desired progress, smiles.

Gratitude: quiet Christmas afternoon with my husband and my puppy, music, challenges, hope.



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