being pretty

from the October 2012 issue of Vogue (America), A Dancer’s Dilemma, by Meg Howry:

“…more than beauty as a state of mind; it carried an actual physical directive. I could imagine a choreographer or a director giving it as a note: Try your entrance again, Meg, but this time carry your head like a pretty woman. I could picture what to do. An insecure woman would carry her head down, apologetically, or maybe thrust out, defiantly, but a pretty woman would carry it easily, balanced just so at the top of her neck, floating. A pretty woman is free. She can take her loveliness as a matter of course and get on with the interesting task of thinking and doing.”

“Beauty” works well here. But replace “beauty” and “pretty” with “happy.” Is there a physical directive for happiness?

Dance. Sweat. Stroll. Paint a wall. Write a letter. Grow a flower. Bake. Smile. Make someone else smile. Sing.

Happiness: elusive, like my confidence. So, as Aby says, it is time to leap.

As I write, he rearranges the bookshelf. Gosh I love him.



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