yuck yuck yum

Some happy days, sad days, or just plain bah humbug days I leave work and drive my little lump-on-a-log self to the Bethesda Co-op, purveyors of foods, wines, beers, and chocolates of the laughably overpriced variety. Being a lover of all well-maintained grocery stores that lack crowds and hovering store-keepers, I find respite from the monotony of wishing I was “anywhere by here” in admiring the patterns of food on the well-stocked shelves and scrutinizing the packages-with-promise for sneaky sugar or soy lecithin or carrageenan, preening “aha” when I make a key detection, ultimately succumbing to wicked whims or irrational guilt-for-not-buying-anything-even-though-I’ve-been-here-for-an-hour with far-too-expensive purchases. (Go ahead. Draw a sentence diagram. I know you want to ;)

Usually the purchases turn those sunny days to gray: so much money, not actually delicious, my tummy hurts, I’m tired, so much money are the cleaner versions of the thoughts skipping through my head.  This week it was lose-lose with a purchase of raw “cacao” cookies (yuck) and salt-and-vinegar kale chips (yuck.) Considering I don’t have anything nice to say about them, I won’t advertise their manufacturers unless asked. (This is an upstanding but secondary reason; my silence actually stems from my cursed forgetfulness.)

Yuck yuck indeed. But then the Friday fairies smiled and Oh-sweet-morsel-of-ambrosia yum! It was “a mighty FEARLESS CHOCOLATE bar inspired by YOU who have the courage to DREAM & ACT!

fearless chocolate

the rest of the package is equally amazing. inside, elephants fly.

Mine was dressed up in Matcha GREENTEA PEPPERMYNT (wow oh wow) with 30% Organic Rapadura (unrefined whole cane sugar, proclaimed honestly in normal-sized letters). I was taken aback upon opening the aluminum wrapper, for my bar was mysteriously missing a bite-shaped piece. Then I deciphered their explanation: “this bite of our profit is shared with changemakers suggested by you.” I felt slightly miffed but I appreciate cloud-like shapes so recovered sufficiently to take one of my own bites: “ahhhhhh” sing the angels. It was so delicious, I felt entirely satisfied after the recommended 1/2 bar and saved the rest for another time. WOW do I call that a victory, and a win. Yes those are the same things, but it was so much of each that it mitosissed itself.

FEARLESS says their chocolate was “Made adventurously with auspicious providence and lavish devotion.” I’ve decided to make my future kids in the same manner.


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