oh happy day!


ello world!



Yesterday was wonderful.

And happy.

And bright.

And hopeful.

It was also my birthday.  I woke up next to my rascally pup and opened the door for her, expecting frolic and mischief.  But no: she peed, then pranced back inside and snuggled with me for a glorious half hour.  Then we went for a walk, waiting for Aby to come and share in our happiness. It was a walk through the woods in the morning sun, just her and me, hunters to be.

from Davis, but we would have gone here if we were there

Returning an hour later, we found Aby sitting in his gleaming pollen-free not-a-Jeep.  We dropped the pup off at home for some more much-needed sleep (she exhausts herself in my house) and went to our favorite Northside Social.  We always get the poached Polyface egg and bacon: sometimes it’s a hit, sometimes it’s a miss. Yesterday’s was a Babe Ruth Home Run baby, and man oh man was I a happy chick.  We saw the pig smoking outside for goodness’ sake.  I also had cream in my coffee (what a treat) and my best friend in the whole wide world and beyond across the table.  Lucky indeed.

from long ago, but also every great day.

That alone would have made my birthday (or any day really) but then, then, we went on an adventure.  Into DC, that mish-mash-pish-posh of maybe-it’s-cool and oh-my-gosh-it-is-super-busy-get-me-out-of-here.  And it was definitely cool.  We got street parking (woot woot) for free (woot woot woot) and we wandered to the Newseum.  Incredible.  I learned about the Berlin Wall, and cried my eyes dry at the September 11 exhibit.  Aby quickly rescued me, but geesh I always appreciate a good cry for something that matters, and so it only made the day better.  We had a brief glance at the pulitzer-winning photographs, my emotional instability (once the waterworks start I’m prone to sputtering) taking us through more quickly than we’d have liked.

never forget.

Aby walked us to a spanish restaurant (yum) where we had spicy guac (yum) scallops in pumpkin sauce (yum) and flank steak (yum) oh my gosh it was a perfect meal.  Portions were right, flavors were delicious, weather was great, company, again, was superb.  More surprises to come…Teaism down the road! And what a tea I had! A smoky green (I chose it because the name was Japanese) that was reminiscent of Lap Sang Souchong but undeniably grassy.  Punctuated by my predictable mix-up and the fact that we liked the other’s better…fortune you are ever in our favor! Incredible flavor accompanied us on a walk to the Art Galleries. Reluctant to give up our finally-cool-enough teas, we waived our tunnel-walk for a return to our pup to continue my series of favorite Sundays.

Fun in the kitchen and chicken pot pie to show for it.  I snuggled with boom as Aby did responsible things.  Then we all snuggled before we made our way to my house.  House-time was nice, but the best part was sitting with dad at the kitchen table . We did our normal things, and I was again astounded by my best friend’s curiosity, clarity, and though-process, and my pop’s wisdom. Wrapping it all up was ribs by my ma, humour by my sis, awkward awesomeness by my little bro, cake from randolph and cookies by my student. Then glorious sleep.

It’s a good life I lead, with good people and a good pup.  I’m a lucky girl.

Praying for all those who are troubled with really troubles–may God comfort you, and may you feel His love everyday.  For Mary Senkarik.

a reminder for me...every day can be like yesterday. aim true.


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