You said you wanted a dog. Fuckballs I was happy. Am happy. We picked her up two days before I left: a scared little pup, eyes bewildered beneath her Mohawk.

She was so tired from her shots, poor girl, and shivering in my arms, fur still wet from a quick bath. We are new parents: nervous, happy, stumbling along. You gave up your thumbnail for her collar, your mornings for her walks, your paneling for her teeth.  I am giving up my childishness, my guilt, the confines of my selfish convictions (you have so few character flaws, I don’t imagine you have to give up any of them.) What can be so wonderful as having a dog greet you at the door, lick your face, dance at your feet, sleep on your tummy? Having you with me, sharing our delight—yes, this makes it even better.  Our family…there is no better for me.

Oh little girl, I can’t wait to come home to you this afternoon.

I love you Boomer :)


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